Trout Fishing Club South Africa

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Members must be aware of the Association’s Rules and Regulations and abide by these at all times. The Committee will not hesitate to discipline a member who transgresses.

There have been instances where a member has booked a venue, finds someone else who has not bothered to book fishing water. This behavior is totally unacceptable, and will result in a disciplinary hearing.

Non-members found fishing without the required permits will be charged with poaching, if convicted, this could lead to a criminal record.

Members who have not paid their subs for the season (i.e. not in good standing) may not fish waters or use any facilities under the jurisdiction of HTA.

It is compulsory that members have their membership cards on their person when fishing HTA waters as well as with them when visiting the Iron Crown club.

All members are expected to be familiar with the following By-laws and Rules and regulations.


  1. All members are expected to use artificial (non-spinning) flies when angling for trout except on Stanford Lake where spinning and the use of spinning tackle is allowed.
  2. Fishing on Ebenezer Dam is open to the public and fly, spinning and bait fishing are all allowed.
  3. Members fishing in forestry areas must leave the forestry area before dark.
  4. Season and bag limits. The Committee encourages members to catch and release all fish caught, however members are limited to four (4) rainbow trout per day unless otherwise specified at venue. No brown trout may be retained at all.
  5. The river above the boundary fence to Dap Naude will be closed all year to protect the spawning grounds.
  6. The rivers may be closed from time to time.
  7. Members may book a maximum of two venues per day per member.
  8. Members wishing to fish Lakeside,  Stanford Lake, Dap Naude  and Ebenezer Dam are not required to book these waters.
  9. Members wishing to fish Bergplaas and Bellerieve must book through Dirk Botha during office hours. All other water must be booked through The Elms.
  10. There is a limit of three rods per day on each stretch of water, one of which must be a member, unless otherwise specified at the venue.
  11. 11. Non members may fish Lakeside,  Stanford, Ebenezer and the Town River beat unaccompanied by a member. Permits for Dap Naude are not available anymore.
  12. Fires and littering are not permitted in fishing areas. Fires may only be lit in official fireplaces.
  13. Dogs are not permitted in the fishing areas or at the Iron Crown Club.
  14. Angling in "The Gully" is restricted to fly-fishing only. No motorized boats allowed. Maximum of three craft (canoes, kick boats or float tubes) are allowed in the Gully at any time.
  15. Club boats are used at own risk. Motors may not be used on club boats except on the large aluminium boat at the club. Electric motors are permitted on Dap Naude provided they are not used for trolling.
  16. Members are encouraged to practice catch and release.
  17. Members are to please read the by-laws displayed at venues as the committee does adjust rulings from time to time depending on circumstances and conditions.


  1. The hatchery and jetty are out of bounds at all times to unauthorised persons. The jetty is not to be used for swimming, sunbathing or boating. Boats are not permitted past the cable.
  2. Members are expected to keep the facilities clean and tidy at all times.
  3. Fires may only be made in the fire places provided.
  4. No dogs are allowed at the Iron Crown or at any waters controlled by the HTA.
  5. The Clubhouse is for the benefit of all members and shall not be used as sleeping quarters.
  6. The deep freeze is for preserving perishables. Liquor and cold drinks may not be placed in the freezer.
  7. Accommodittion  must be reserved through the booking office. Members who have booked accommodation  shall  have  prior  claim.  To  avoid  unpleasantness  please  do  not  use the accommodation without booking.
  8. Equipment  allocated to each rondawel may not be removed without the permission  of the Secretary.
  9. Chairs or mattresses  may not under any circumstances  be removed to be used in tents or caravans. Chairs and tables may not be removed from the Clubhouse, they are for the use of all members.
  10. Members shall be entitled to a maximum of four adult fishing guests (plus their direct family) at any one time.
  11. Members may book the whole club for occasions so long as the booking dates do not fall over holiday periods or times when the club has organized an event. Please contact the Secretary for more details.
  12. Non-members shall not be allowed to use the Iron Crown Club unless accompanied by a member.
  13. Members who do not take up bookings or who do not cancel bookings for accommodation (Jne week before the first  day of the reservation may be liable to a fee  of R250,00 per day or per booking.
  14. No power boating is allowed in the gully.
  15. Any power boats operating from the premises may be launched from the Iron Crown Club premises, only from the cement slipway.
    Any power boats operating from the premises must have the necessary permits and licenses as required by legislation to pilot and operate such vessels. A launching fee must be paid to Johannes on arrival at the club. No power boating in the Gully. Please consider other members and their guests who may be staying at the club when using power boats.