Trout Fishing Club South Africa

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Please contact Poppie at 083 290 1962 or email for all bookings.

Office hours: Monday to Friday and Saturday morning – closed on Sundays.


The following tariffs are applicable until the end of June 2022

  Members Non-Members
Huts-base rate p/n (inclu. 4 persons) R250 R350
Huts – 2 additional p/p/n (only under 12) nil nil
Camp sites- base rate p/n (incl. 4 person) R150 R250
Camp sites – 2 additional p/p/n (under 12) nil nil
Boat launch on trailer (per day) R120  
Boat launch on trailer per week R240  
Day visitor n/a R25
Rod ticket per day n/a R180
Rod ticket per week n/a R700
Function at clubhouse – day or night only R1650  
Function at clubhouse –  book all accomm per weekend R5500  
Caravan at club permanently (per annum) Discontinued Discontinued

Please Note:

Only members of good standing may book accommodation, waters or facilities at HTA. Non-members may not book anything through the booking office. Any enquiries must be directed to Poppie.

Non-members are only permitted on the Iron Crown Clubhouse premise or on club waters (save for Stanford Lake with valid rod tickets) as guests accompanied by a member and the member must be present at all times.

A member may not entertain more than 4 guests/non-members on club premises/waters at any one time.

No more than 6 persons are permitted to occupy any one hut or camp site. If your party is larger you will be required to book and pay for another hut or camp site.

A member will only be permitted to book two huts or two camp sites or one hut and one camp site for occupation at any one time.

Only members in good standing are permitted to fish the club’s waters, all others including absentee members, who have not paid subscription fees, are required to obtain rod tickets.

Block and function bookings will not be accepted for long weekends and during school holidays.

A Maximum of 60 people can sleep at the club for functions while a maximum of 100 people will be allowed to a function and prior approval is required from the Chairman, Vice chairman or the Secretary.

Bookings and Payments:

Phone the booking office (Poppie at 083 290 1962) to book your hut or camp site; you have 72 hours in which to pay for your booking failing which the booking will be cancelled.

Fax or email your proof of payment to 086 6700606 or respectively. (within 72 hours of booking.)

Cancel your booking more than 30 days before the booking date and you will be refunded 90% of your booking. (10% handling charges).

Cancel your booking less than 30days before the booking date and you lose your booking fee. You will then need to apply to the committee for consideration of a refund.

Only members can book and pay for functions as well as for fishing permits for non-members.

The only person who can refund any monies paid into the HTA bank account is the Treasurer.

Boat launching from the club premises: